Tips For Selecting The Best Accessories For Your Outfit

Tips For Selecting The Best Accessories For Your Outfit

You can rock the best outfit, but you won’t look excellent if you do not top them up with the right accessories. One funny thing about accessories is that they can make or break your appearance and you need to be very careful when picking them. Accessories refer to everything apart from your clothes and do not think we are talking about your necklace and bracelets only. Keep in mind that not everyone can get the best accessories in the market and you also need to avoid putting on things that have been mass produced, and everyone rocks them. This article has compiled some essential tips that will help you to select the best accessories for your outfit without having to break the bank.


When picking accessories, ensure that they complement the colour of your outfit and body tone. This does not mean that you should choose a similar colour for everything you carry as you would look matchy-matchy. If you have a yellow dress and decide to carry a yellow handbag and wear the same colour of earrings, you would look like a big cheese block. You look better when you combine a couple of shades that compliment each other. When you are not confident on how to blend your colours, try out the metallic ones since they can be paired with most of the colours. Gold-toned accessories can seamlessly blend with blue, pink and grey outfits without clashing in any way.


Always put into consideration the size of the accessories you buy and wear. The size should ideally be proportional to your size so that you do not loo awkward. If you are a small person and put on huge shoes, you will look very funny. On the other side, if you are a huge person and put on skinny accessories, you would appear bigger than you are. Always pick accessories that are in sync with your body nature. When you are not sure of what to choose, try to stick to the average sizes that fit on most people.

Age Group.

Fashion goes with age, and you need to keep this in mind when dressing up. If you are a senior and try to put on accessories that are meant for younger people, no one will take you seriously. On the other side, if you put on accessories that are intended for old people and you are still young, you will be depriving yourself of the fun that comes with your age. Try different styles but ensure that they are within your age bracket so that you do not end up like someone with a midlife crisis.

Less Is Better.

Some people are overly obsessed with accessories, and they could even put on several grams of the same. Well, less is better since you reduce your chances of getting it wrong. Always put on the accessories that you need so that you do not look like you are trying too hard to give a particular impression.

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