Tips For Dressing Up In The Summer

Tips For Dressing Up In The Summer

It’s summer! Sun-kissed skin and beaches are back. While bikinis and short shorts seem to be the only kinds of clothing that you’ll be comfortable in because of the extremely hot weather, there are still some ways to show off your great style aside from wearing those tiny shorts. The beauty of fashion is that you can always explore and create a look that is both comfortable and stylish as long as you know the rules. Here are some tips that you can use for your summer styling sessions!

Wear Big Pieces

While some people love to wear their short skirts and crop tops at this time of the year, some people are conservative and would prefer to wear something less revealing. Are you one of those girls? Then worry no more because wearing big pieces can be even more comfy for you! Dressing with bigger clothes helps to let air circulate better making you feel less hot even with the weather. You can try wearing Bermuda shorts and enjoy the outdoors even with the heat!

Wear A Hat

Hats are sometimes not included in your outfit because it seems to suffocate your head but it is one of the most essential things to wear especially when you’re in the beach. The harmful UV rays of the sun can damage your scalp. You can opt for a hat that has a built-in ventilation so it can make you feel cooler while having the time of your life under the sun.

Wear Something With Patterns

Because of the summer heat, our bodies react to it by releasing more sweat. And sweat stains isn’t good for when you’re partying with your friends or having a date with your crush! Sadly, sweat stains are unavoidable in the summer. A good option is to take out that patterned blouse that you have in your closet because the patterns will help hide those embarrassing sweat stains for you. Now you don’t have to worry about driving away your crush because of your sweat stains!

Wear Dark And Breathable Fabrics

This might be one of the most unusual summer tips for you since dark colors are known to absorb more heat than lighter ones. However, dark fabrics will also help hiding your sweat. To feel more comfortable wearing this color, find clothes that have breathable fabrics so you won’t be sweating too much the whole day. Brands like Elm will do the job very nicely!

Bringing Bags

A bag is a must for every woman. Women don’t run out of things to put in their bags which makes them always equipped for anything that could happen. If you can’t help but bring a bag around this summer, get something that will not touch your skin like a thin-strapped crossbody bag that will only touch your clothed areas. Shoulder bags that will stick to your armpits are uncomfortable since they will feel sweaty against your skin.

The summer is probably the best weather for going out and socializing so don’t let the heat hold you back. Turn heads with your outfits by using these tips. For great summer pieces, visit Have an awesome summer!